Nebraska Affiliate of the Foundation Quarter Horse Registry

The NEAFQHR is celebrating its 25th year in 2024! We are a family-oriented organization whose purpose is to preserve, protect and perpetuate the working cow horse bloodlines of the Foundation Quarter Horse Registry. We offer a wide variety of classes for the whole family to enjoy. Among those offered are Pleasure, Reining, Trail, Ranch Riding and Speed events along with cattle classes: Cutting, Working Cow Horse and Roping. We have divisions for Professionals, Amateurs, Youth and 3-5 year old horses. We also offer “All-Breed” classes that are open to all horses, registered or not. NEAFQHR is nearly 100 members strong with members from 7 states and growing! We host 4 shows a year. Three of them are one day shows centrally located in Nebraska. The fourth is our big three day event at the Nebraska State Fair. This is our 13th year at the Nebraska State Fair with an average of over 400 entries.

 More information on the following classes can be found in the rulebook at FQHR.NET.


The primary purpose of these classes is to evaluate the condition and physical characteristics of a working Foundation Quarter Horse. A Foundation Quarter Horse carries enough flesh and muscle to perform the work that is required of him. Conformation should be such that it lends itself to performing under saddle and putting in a good days work on the ranch.

     Weanling – fillies, colts

     Yearling – fillies, colts, geldings

     2 & 3 year old – fillies, colts, geldings

     4-10 years – mares, studs, geldings

     11 & up – mares, studs, geldings


  Yearling & 2 Yr Old In-Hand Trail


The purpose of this program is to promote sound, better minded young horses while giving the owners of those horses a place to participate where they are not in competition with seasoned horses and a vehicle to promote breeding programs, etc. The 3-5 yr old program can be implemented in either the Open, Amateur or both divisions at the affiliate’s discretion. The points earned in this program will carry over to the Open/Amateur divisions as a horse moves out of this program into the Open and Amateur division.

     3-5 Yr Old Handy Ranch Horse

     Limited Horse Working Ranch Horse

     Limited Horse Working Cow Horse      

 Performance Horse Classes (Open/Amateur/Novice Amateur/Youth):

Ranch Horse Classes:  Ranch Cutting, Working Ranch Horse, LTD Working Ranch Horse, Ranch Doctoring, Ranch Roping, Handy Ranch Horse, Ranch Horse Challenge, Ranch Herd Roping

Cow Horse Classes:  Working Cow Horse, Ltd Working Cow Horse, Team Roping, Calf Roping, Cutting, Herd Work, Breakaway Roping, Steer Stopping

Speed Classes: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Stake Race, Keyhole, Down and Back

Show Classes: Ranch Pleasure, Ranch Reining, Western Riding, Ranch Riding    

Team Timed Events Classes:  Team Sorting, Team Penning, Two Man Feed Lot Sorting